Itineraries and Villas

The area known as the “Bassa Veronese” (Lower Veronese) has been inhabited since the Neolithic Age and over the centuries has come under various rules: Venetian, Celtic, Roman, The Republic of Venice and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It is thanks to this rich past that today the area boasts an impressive artistic and cultural patrimony.

In Gazzo Veronese there is the Prehistoric Museum and the Busatello Marshlands, a protected natural oasis covered by reeds where numerous species of birds live. In Villa Dionisi in Cerea, there is the Handicraft Museum and the Romanesque church of San Zeno, while in Sorgà Villa Brà hosts the Museum of Rural Civilisation. Isola della Scala also boasts numerous attractions worth a visit: Villa Boschi, Villa del Vò and the Bastia Church. Just outside the town on the Tartaro River there is a watch tower, which was once situated on an island and connected to the terra-ferma by two drawbridges. This spot marks the start of a fascinating itinerary which takes visitors on a tour of the numerous castles in the area.

In the town of Salizzole there are two tall, square towers, which are the remains of a fourteenth century castle, as well as Villa Sagramoso-Campostrini-Malafatti (sec. XVI), Villa Pullè, Corte Busa and Villa Franceschini. In the centre of Sanguinetto there is another castle, which today is the Town Hall, the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie (from the early seventeenth century), the Oratorio delle Tre Vie and the Rotonda church, which dates back to 1747. The Romanesque church of S. Maria di Erbedello (IX century) in Erbè and the Bastia of Nogarole Rocca are also worth visiting.
The area boasts numerous restaurants and agritourisms where visitors can sample the region’s product par excellence: RICE. It is cooked in various ways according to delicious, traditional recipes, like the famous Risotto all'Isolana. In Autumn at the Rice Fair visitors can take part in sampling and gastronomic competitions dedicated to this cereal. It is an itinerary which will satisfy not only the eye, but also the palate!


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